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Spelling Lists for STORYTOWN


Theme One Theme Four
Theme Two Theme Five
Theme Three Theme Six



Theme One
Rope Burn The Daring Nellie Bly: America's Star Reporter
Line Drive It Takes Talent!
Chang and the Bamboo Flute  


Theme Two
The Night of San Juan Leonardo's Horse
When the Circus Came to Town The Secret Ingredient
When Washington Crossed the Delaware  


Theme Three
Sailing Home: A Story of a Childhood at Sea A Drop of Water
Ultimate Field Trip 3:Wading into Marine Biology How Prairie Became Ocean


Theme Four
The School Story Inventing the Future: A Photobiography of Thomas Alva Edison
Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street The Invention Convention
Project Mulberry  


Theme Five
Interrupted Journey: Saving Endangered Sea Turtles Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride
The Power of W.O.W.! The Compassion Campaign
Any Small Goodness: A Novel of the Barrio  


Theme Six
Lewis ad Clark The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon
Klondike Kate Exploring the Gulf Coast
The Top of the World  


Rope Burn

bandage chest
drift stretch
dull flock
dusk fond
measure cactus
scrap shift
smash switch
swept threat
timid plaid
trust twist


Line Drive

needle eager
speech shadow
reason saying
crease mild
thief coach
fade smoke
obtain twice
faint human
steep teenage
rayon niece


Chang and the Bamboo Flute

counter royalty
fraud powder
oyster annoying
appoint cashew
drawn scoop
awning bamboo
laundry browse
feud ointment
shawl rooster
jewel rescue


The Daring Nellie Bly: America's Star Reporter

talked buying
hurried dried
smiling picnicking
dropped scared
clapping driving
stepped obeyed
worried playing
worrying tried
changing carried
stayed hurrying


It Takes Talent!

stretch drawn
does feud
measure jewel
reason fraud
coach royalty
kneeling hurried
twice scared
rayon changing
appoint buying
scoop obeyed


The Night of San Juan

drizzle struggle
gobble wiggle
meddle spindle
shuffle speckle
bundle griddle
pickle ripple
hobble article
topple triple
hurtle jingle
vehicle bugle


When the Circus Came to Town

suppose collect
hurricane slippery
ballad common
bellow arrange
success suffer
appeal follow
announcer kennel
tissue squirrel
excellent message
terrific summary


When Washington Crossed the Delaware

entire wisdom
hospital journey
public condition
combine whisper
golden identity
chimney establish
pretzel furnace
survive capture
absorb marvelous
turmoil nursery


Leonardo's Horse

congress umbrella
English merchandise
fortress remembrance
expression concrete
conclude goggles
complain portray
complex technique
distrust accomplish
contribute function
explode membrane



The Secret Ingredient

bundle message
vehicle arrange
struggle whisper
hurtle terrific
triple expression
hurricane conclude
golden merchandise
journey technique
hospital accomplish
excellent orchestra



Sailing Home: A Story of a Childhood at Sea

enemy minute
balance model
basis protest
closet ocean
decent pretend
define private
eleven radar
fanatic second
honest slogan
humor editor



Ultimate Field Trip 3: Wading into Marine Biology

reenter unable
refried uninformed
reconsider undesirable
repaint untold
reform unwise
replay nonconductor
retake nonproductive
remake nonexistent
reclaim nonflammable
replant nondairy




development amazement
dispensable priceless
enjoyable judgment
digestible resentment
divisible embarrassment
irresistible boundless
admissible ageless
appointment aimless
argument motionless
payment worthless



A Drop of Water

barrel mayor
cannon pepper
capitol polar
civil proper
clever sandal
discover saucer
frozen original
general theater
hidden tutor
inventor musical



How Prairie Became Ocean

enemy digestible
fanatic enjoyable
honest ocean
argument admissible
slogan amazement
reclaim priceless
reconsider capitol
uninformed general
unwise mayor
nonexistent theater



The School Story

inactive illegal
inaccurate illiterate
irregular illegible
irrelevant inaction
ineffective independent
imbalance invalid
immature indefinite
impatient injustice
imperfect irreplaceable
impossible impolite



Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street

accountant dependent
applicant indulgent
attendant insistent
defiant urgent
mutineer auctioneer
expectant accompanist
hesitant artist
quadrant cellist
resistant technician
servant novelist



Project Mulberry

courteous gracious
hazardous ambitious
humorous discourteous
monstrous dangerous
porous anxious
curious spontaneous
furious religious
glorious delicious
delirious mountainous
fictitious ridiculous



Inventing the Future: A Photobiography of Thomas Alva Edison

steal steel
waste waist
weak week
base bass
pain pane
flare flair
dual duel
stationary stationery
flower flour
sight site



The Invention Convention

irreplaceable immature
indefinite illiterate
independent applicant
accountant insistent
novelist technician
cellist porous
glorious spontaneous
fictitious mountainous
weak week
dual duel



Interrupted Journey: Saving Endangered Sea Turtles

incompetent outpatient
uphold outspoken
inconsiderate outwit
indecisive downbeat
outrank downgrade
inhumane downplay
inorganic downtown
income uplift
invertebrate upstage
outgoing uptight



The Power of W.O.W!

acceleration repetition
accumulation mansion
activation pension
alteration passion
authorization tension
calculation champion
cancellation confusion
dedication permission
organization population
demolition companion



Any Small Goodness: A Novel of the Barrio

assign knowledge
autumn lightning
column resign
crumb rhyme
debris solemn
delight thorough
design scenery
glisten whirl
hasten wreath
knead wrestled


Chester Cricket's Pigeon Run

addresses radios
armies halves
calves hooves
leaves taxes
buses tomatoes
videos opportunities
echoes volcanoes
shelves stitches
studios wolves
countries knives



The Compassion Campaign

indecisive autumn
outpatient knowledge
downgrade rhyme
uptight scenery
acceleration wrestled
demolition armies
pension shelves
champion radios
authorization tomatoes
cancellation videos



Lewis and Clark

unsuccessful impassible
undoubtedly encouragement
impossibly unbelievable
disloyalty unselfishly
deactivation rearrangement
unlikable discoverable
replacement dishonestly
unsafely unbreakable
uncollectible reappearance
immeasurable reassurance



Klondike Kate

astronomy cyclical
disaster bicyclist
asterisk cyclone
astronaut encyclopedia
asteroid hydrogen
chronic hydrant
chronicle hydrate
chronology optic
chronological optician
synchronize optical


The Top of the World

tractor rupture
distract audio
traction audible
contract audience
attract auditorium
subtract audition
erupt verdict
bankrupt diction
interrupt dictate
abrupt predict


The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon

banana chlorine
chimpanzee kayak
yogurt parka
almanac balcony
syrup replica
cousin anchor
stomach urban
language coyote
foyer chocolate
acronym vanilla


Exploring the Gulf Coast

impossibly contract
deactivation bankrupt
immeasurable audible
unbreakable diction
reappearance almanac
asteroid language
chronology balcony
cyclone chlorine
hydrate cousin
optical urban